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Bored Aussie is offline.

The Diablo II LoD realm is offline.

The most users ever online was 4175 on 07/07/09, 10:07 PM.

The most users online today was at .
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Bored Aussie Meetup 2014
Posted: Tuesday 1 April 2014 10:07:32 by Phoenicks
Hi Guys,

We're thinking of doing a Melbourne meetup this year.

Checkout the post in GD:
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Holy fuck
Posted: Saturday 2 February 2013 1:15:47 by Phoenicks
Hi All,

So yeah, the domain expired (don't ask).

Anyway I've regged, be sure to update your links, etc.
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Posted: Tuesday 25 December 2012 22:00:22 by -ckO
On behalf of the Bored Aussie staff team, I'd like to wish all our Bored Citizens a Merry Christmas (which has awkwardly, already passed) and a fantastic 2013.

Happy gaming everyone!
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No, BA is not closing
Posted: Friday 13 April 2012 9:59:01 by Phoenicks
That was an April fools.

[For the benefit of the home page]
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Bored Aussie Closing its doors
Posted: Sunday 1 April 2012 2:13:07 by CrazyOldMaurice
Well guys, it's been fun.

For over 7 years, BA has been the home for Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo players throughout Australia and New Zealand. We've hosted many a tournament, shared moments we won't discuss here and probably caused a lot of failed assignments.

But after all this, due to dwindling numbers on the server, we've decided to finally call it quits and the server will be shut down on the 31st of April, though the forums will remain online.

RIP Bored Aussie.
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